Who I am and why I`m here

2016 Greeting card for smile

I hate this time of year; after the forced colour and squeezed socialising of the Christmas celebrations we stumble almost blindly into a new year, full of so much optimistic promise and improvement on all previous years. Except for me it starts at the wrong time; amongst the shorter days, dismal weather and vibrant scarlet hues of debt.

I decided I needed a project to focus the mind and keep me progressing through the wolf days of January. A month that this year manages to taint an impressive six weeks. A 3 week blogging challenge starting in the second blemished week would certainly go a long way towards February, which whilst still not a wonderful month was shorter with noticeably brighter days and an improving bank balance.

My son had challenged me to try and write a blog back in November to `prove` I was not `past it` and I had (so there) from scratch. However, apart from a bemused smirk and some technical comments, I had no idea if it was interesting or would appeal to others. Blogging publicly would help me obtain feedback from anonymous people: if it was positive, it would inspire and if negative, I had tried and could delete the lot! It seemed like the classic `win-win strategy`.

I intend (at least to start with) to write about subjects that come to my attention with which I have an interest or opinion; life is far more compelling than the fiction of films and reality TV shows. Hopefully some of my musings will strike a cord with others treading this precarious journey through life and allow me to reflect on 2016 as a year of genuine progression and change.



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